Search Our Music Library and Create a Request List

Suggestions for selecting music...

  1. Choose what makes you want to dance.
  2. Choose what you think your friends and family would like to dance to.
  3. Think about cocktail music, dinner music and dance music.
  4. You can be as detailed as you want, or you can choose a few of your favorites, and we'll fill in the rest.
  5. Also, let us know what you don't want to hear by creating a "Do Not play list".
  6. When it comes to music, we play about 20 songs an hour.
  7. In the "Music" section it gives you dozens of ideas for different parts of the evening.
  8. Keep in mind, if you don't find certain songs, it doesn't mean we don't have it. It just means this "DJ Music" program doesn't have it listed.
  9. Once you start selecting music, this program will automatically send us an email so we can track your progress.
  10. Have FUN with it!

As always, call us if you need any assistance navigating through this program.

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